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Conducting Legislative Visits

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Instructions for Conducting Legislative Visits


  1. Contact Legislator’s office.You can find their contact information by visiting this web site: Tell them that you are interested in scheduling a meeting to discuss the FY18 Budget and the impact it has on you or your loved one.
  2. Assemble information in a packet regarding the Coalition for a DSP Living Wage and bring it with you to the meeting. a. Print out a copy of the Budget Fact Sheet
  3. Bring talking points that you can reference during the meeting
  4. Leave the legislator or staff person with contact information should they need to follow-up at a later date.
  5. When meeting with the legislator (and possibly his/her staff), introduce yourself, share the information packet and talk about who you are, what role a Direct Support Professional (DSP) plays in your life and how the availability of community-based services are dependent on the DSP workforce.
  6. Utilize talking points and include them in the packet you leave behind with the Legislator. You may want to make two or three copies as often the Legislator will have a staff member/aide attend the meeting.
  7. End the meeting by including our Budget Ask – $36 million in state funding, to be matched via Medicaid – to increase all DSP salaries by $1.25 an hour. Tell the Senator/Assemblyperson that you appreciate the opportunity to meet and hope you can call upon him/her for support. Thank them for meeting with you.
  8. Ask if there is any additional information that he/she would be interested in receiving.
  9. Write a thank you letter to the legislator after the meeting and restate the talking points.


We’d love to hear how your meetings went. If you can, email with an update and additional details about your legislative sit-down.


DSP Coalition Budget Talking Points