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A tax on hardworking disabled New Jerseyan’s is downright wrong | Opinion

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In recent months, Gov. Phil Murphy and the New Jersey State Legislature did something very important for people with disabilities: They made it possible for us to work in jobs – any jobs – without fear of losing our vital supports and services.

Indeed, in January, the governor signed into law a bill – unanimously adopted by both political parties in both legislative chambers – that eliminates the income and age caps on the “NJ Workability” program. In so doing, they made it possible for people with disabilities to realize their full professional potential.

But in recent weeks, word has started to spread that the state is thinking about imposing a “premium” on those who benefit from the new and improved Workability program – an idea that was reportedly rejected years ago by the state because it was too costly to implement and an idea that has been apparently rejected in some other states because it is unnecessary and unfair.

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