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The Special Olympics are coming to Mercer County. 

This spring nearly 4,500 athletes will descend upon Mercer County for New Jersey’s Special Olympic Games.   Mercer has an abundance of resources utilized for the Games, such as Princeton University, Mercer County Park, Trenton-Mercer Airport and many more hosting a variety of the 16 Olympic-style team and individual sporting events.  The Route One Corridor, rich with hotels and eateries, will be the HUB, accommodating over 100,000 people as part of the 2014 USA Special Olympic Games.

Is management and your staff ready for the 4,500 athletes, 1,000 coaches, 10,000 volunteers and 70,000 spectators and visitors, as well as the 20,000 athletes families and friends, from 51 delegations across the country?

Show your support – and become Disability Friendly Certified!

Register today for our Disability Awareness class and get your staff up to speed!
At the end of the class each employee who attends will receive a certificate of competition showing they are certified in Disability Awareness.
Register more than 15 of your staff and your business will become a Disability Friendly Certified Organization!  As a Disability Friendly certified organization your business gains access to the thousands of customers and revenue that otherwise could be lost due to an unprepared business.  Along with a certification, your business will receive the official Disability Friendly Seal that you may place in your window, on your front desk, on your social media walls, and on your website.  We will also place your business on our resource page and our social media networks putting you directly in the hands of the thousands of individuals coming to partake in the Special Olympics and it doesn’t stop there- after the Special Olympics have come and gone, your business will be able to continue to support people with disabilities.

Show your support for the New Jersey Special Olympics by registering today!

Who should take this class:

  • General and Associate Managers
  • Front Desk Staff
  • Hosts & Hostesses
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • Wait Staff
  • Concierge
  • Maintenance
  • Valet Staff
  • Retail Associates
  • Store Clerks
  • And Others

Class Details

Disability Awareness Training and Disability Friendly Certification Course

90 Minute Lecture Style Course
Starting at $400 for up to 30 employees.
Register more than 15 of your staff become a Disability Friendly Certified Establishment.
With a Disability Friendly Certification your business will get to display the official Disability Friendly Seal and will be placed in our resources page as a preferred vendor.
Please call to schedule your session.   (609) 581-4500

**SECURE YOUR CLASS BY May 15th and receive 50% off.*

Course Introduction

People with disabilities currently compose a large portion of the customer base in the United States. Businesses are willing and eager to serve people in this market, but may not be aware of how best to effectively reach people with disabilities. This program provides information on market trends, effective communication, and an overview of selected groups of people with disabilities that frequently patronize businesses. This six-module training provides group exercises and activities to create an active learning environment and an opportunity to look at ways to apply effective outreach to potential customers with disabilities.

Goals & Objectives

Module 1: Serving Customers with Disabilities: Your Own Concerns, Questions, and Challenges

  • Identify concerns, challenges, or dilemmas in serving customers with disabilities

Module 2: Making the Case: Why Does Being Disability Friendly Matter

  • Understand trends in disability and customer service
  • Believe that having a disability-focused customer service policy is a key to business success
  • Intend to make changes to ensure that your customer service practices are accessible and disability-friendly

Module 3: In Their Shoes: Seeing your Business/Agency from another Vantage Point

  • Learn how people with disabilities view your business facility and service
  • Believe that certain changes to improve accessibility are worth considering
  • Intend to remove barriers for people with disabilities that exist within your business, facility, or service

Module 4: Empathy not Sympathy: Communicating with Customers who have Disabilities

  • Understand the basic principles of interacting effectively and respectfully with people with disabilities
  • Be willing to apply these principles to your customer service and outreach practices
  • Communicate more effectively and respectfully with people with disabilities

Module 5: Serving customers with Different Types of Disabilities

  • Understand how to better serve customers with particular types of disabilities including physical, sensory, cognitive and hidden disabilities
  • Respond appropriately to customers with disabilities

Module 6: Bringing it all Together

  • Consider more options for addressing your own identified concerns, dilemmas, and challenges
  • Q & A