Core Services

We have four core services; information & referral, advocacy, peer support, and independent living skills training. Call for east information and referral services!


Information and Referral

The Progressive Center has a comprehensive library of resources on advocacy, assistive technology, employment, housing, personal assistants, and transportation.  Our quarterly newsletter keeps readers informed of relevant activities, legislation, and news affecting people with disabilities.


Give us a call today at 609-581-4500 and feel free to visit our resources link and news feed for useful websites and information.



Individual and System Advocacy

PCIL assists on an individual level by helping people with disabilities to achieve full inclusion within the community.  Also, on the systems level, the Progressive Center works with legislators and relative disabilities groups to effect change in the community.

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We offer social and support groups to facilitate peer support!

Peer  Counseling Support

The Progressive Center provides social groups for people with disabilities.  Interacting with other people with disabilities can give insight into strategies that can be used to cope with the challenges associated with independent living.

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Independent Living Skills Instruction

The Progressive Center offers independent living skills instruction that touch on a variety of topics.  Examples include money skills, interviewing techniques, and social skills.  PCIL can help with understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act and how to deal with insensitive and or/discriminatory behavior.

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