Emergency Prep.

Progressive Center offers Emergency Preparedness Education to service providers, consumers, and corporations.

Emergency Preparedness plans for everyone!


The primary focus of these Emergency Preparedness Programs is to introduce a broader scope of emergency preparedness and to bring awareness to all the resources available to help  people with disabilities in planning and dealing with emergencies in the community. There are two programs each geared towards different target audiences. These programs promote inclusion and independence and address the desire to educate people with disabilities in the Mercer County area to become the active stakeholders in the emergency management process.



Programs for First Responders


The Responder Education and Awareness with Disabilities Integration (READi) was developed specifically to educate First Responders, Police, EMS, and Fire Fighters in safe and practical solutions for emergency that are directly involved with individual who have both physical and hidden disabilties.



The Adaptive Equipment Demonstrations (AED)are for Police,  First Responders, EMS, and firefighters to help train them of the various adaptive equipment they may come across in emergency situations. These trains will not only help save the lives of disabled individuals, but also help lower spending on adaptive equipment.



We would like to acknowledge the following sponsors for their assistance in making the First Responders Adaptive Equipment Demonstration production possible.

Donor Amount
Division of Disability Services 5000.00
Advancing Opportunities 1000.00
Project Freedom 1000.00
Quantum Rehab, a Pride Mobility Products Corporation company 1000.00
Mobility Works 1000.00
NJM Insurance 500.00
Riverview Studios In-Kind




Programs for Consumers and Their Families.


PCIL offers guidance to consumers and their families to help them become aware of the rights during an emergency situation, help them find the right adaptive equipment in order to increase mobility during emergency situations, and helps them develop plans of actions for different emergency scenarios.


 Programs for Anyone!

Community Liason’s Program



PCIL received a grant from Princeton Area Community Foundation (PACF) to promote emergency preparedness and to provide greater outreach in the community for people with disabilities. Under this
grant, PCIL will reactivate its unique Community Liaison Program. Under this program, Liaisons will provide classes to individuals with disabilities on planning and preparation of emergencies and disasters. They will learn to make an emergency plan, create a personal support network, complete an
assessment, and assemble a go-bag kit. We will show you how to get up to-date information on an incident and how to evaluate your own personal needs to create an effective and realistic emergency plan to share with your family, friends and caregivers in your network. The goal of the Liaisons program will be to educate people with disabilities throughout the region on personal emergency
preparedness; they are active participants in their own safety and well-being.


PCIL is looking for bright, energetic volunteers interested in becoming a Liaison in the community. You will receive the necessary materials and instruction to be able to go into your community as an educator. After which you will work alongside PCIL emergency preparedness team to provide classes to
other individuals about the importance and urgency to be prepared in the event of an emergency.
For more information, please contact Scott Ellis at 609-581-4500 or scott.ellis@pcil.org


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