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It’s All About Work- Student Transition Program


Progressive Center for Independent Living assist individuals with disabilities in identifying career preferences and preparing them for permanent, integrated and competitive employment. Schools within Mercer and Hunterdon counties contract with Progressive Center to offer this program for a fee paid for by the school. This program is available for students ages 14 to 21 that have either an IEP or Section 504 Plan.

Tier 1: Planning for Adult Life: An Introductory Course for students ages 14 and up

Tier 1 is an introductory course designed for transition-aged students ages 14 and up. This course will assist in identifying future goals and planning for life after high school. Tier 1 is conducted in group sessions, to a class of up to 12 students within 8 session visits typically running 45-60 minutes.

Course components will focus on:

  • Student Self-Discovery
  • Introduction to the Transition Planning Process
  • Career Exploration
  • Interpersonal and Social Skills
  • 2 Hour Parent Training Session  on the Transition Process

Tier 2: Planning for Adult Life for students ages 16 and up

Tier 2 is designed to assist transition aged students in identifying career preferences related to interests and abilities. Participants will also learn about the adult service systems and skills needed for independent living.  The course is designed toprovide information and materials to a class of up to 12 students, for 10 sessions each, 45-60 minutes in length.

Components of this course include:

  • Interests and Aptitudes
  • The World of Work
  • Post-Secondary Options
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Transition plan and the IEP
  • 2 Hour Parent Training Session on the Transition Process


  • To assist individuals with disabilities in becoming knowledgeable about their strengths, interests and needs in relation to work and inclusive community living.
  • To assist individuals with disabilities through the transition process for moving into a successful and productive adult life.
  • To connect those qualified to DVR services prior to graduation, beginning at age 16.
  • To assist individuals with disabilities in navigating the adult service system.
  • To assist school and rehabilitation personnel in their efforts to support individuals with disabilities in achieving their employment goals.