Progressive Center offers transition services to local students living with disabilities to help make their transition from school to college or work easier.


Like most young people, students with disabilities must learn the skills they use as they transition from high school.  Many students will gain employment, some will attend college or vocational school.  Some will live independently within their communities, however, to be successful, students will need these skills.

Student Transition services allow students to discover their true interests, passions and ultimately their goals through creative activities, assignment and engaging discussion.  The programs listed below follow the 5 WIOA components that focus on the following: work-based learning experience, job exploration- counseling, workplace readiness training, self-advocacy and peer support and counseling on post-secondary education or other comprehensive transition training programs.

Progressive Center currently offers the following WIOA Pre-ETS programs:

Gateways to Success (Group)

This program is offered to students ages 16 through 21 who are still attending high school. Gateways to Success is designed to prepare students for competitive integrated employment and/or post secondary education.  This program offers participants a 12 week classroom style course focusing on job readiness skills and independent living skills. The goal is to assist in- school youth in identifying career preferences related to their interest and abilities through developing a comprehensive plan of action which includes the preparation needed to enter that chosen career. Upon finishing classroom sessions, students will be assisted in searching for and applying for summer employment. This program is funded through a grant offered by the NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). PCIL recruits students with the assistance of the Child Study Team. Contact your school to see if they are participating in this free program.

(Individual) Pre-ETS

If a youth between the ages of 14-21 requires transition services under WIOA, the NJ DVRS may be able to apply supplemental services. Individuals interested in these services should contact their local DVRS office and complete a referral. Once intake occurs, and needs are established, PCIL is one of the vendors providing Pre-ETS within Mercer and Hunterdon Counties. PDF version of the menu of service for a complete description here.

  • Pre-Employment Instructional Support
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Keys to Obtaining & Retaining Jobs
  • Employment Readiness Instructional Support
  • Community Based Work Experience
  • Steps in Vocational Planning
  • Understanding Employee Benefits, Fiscal Compensation & Managing Finances Compensation & Managing Finances
  • Assistive Technology; Tools to Employment
  • Employment Job Club (Group)
  • How to Maintain Employment
  • Time Management and Organization in the Workplace
  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace